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Apple Skins Not Healthy…Unless

Posted in News1 year ago • Written by staffNo Comments

“An apple a day keeps the doctor,” right? Actually, today’s apples may be increasing your odds of getting cancer. Actually, it’s not the apple, but the pesticides they spray on the apples, and then the waxy coating they add to help preserve the apple during transit. Some experts say you can’t possibly eat enough apples to ingest a harmful amount of the chemicals, others say it may be causing cancer. There is no definitive proof either way. Still, a video of a man pouring boiling water onto an apple exposing the elements that are consumed if you eat the peel has people considering their options. If you want to avoid the pesticides and preservatives, you really only have two choices; either scrub the apple in warm water with lemon juice or baking soda, or just peel the apple and eat the rest.


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